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Risen Ministries at a glance

What is Risen Ministries?

Risen Ministries consists of a group of Christian outreaches I operate in my free time. I am also employed by Answers in Genesis, but the views expressed through Risen Ministries are my own and do not necessarily represent those of Answers in Genesis.

What's so special about "Risen"?

My favorite subject to study, write, and speak about is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The ministry's new name reflects my desire to emphasize the gospel message in my apologetic efforts.

What's the podcast about?

I've always enjoyed answering questions about the Bible, church history, and theology, and I receive so many of them. I asked my friend Eric Hovind to cohost the Bible Q&A Podcast to reach more people with the answers.

Why the New Name?

Midwest Apologetics was founded in 2005 as an apologetics website. Since then, I have moved out of the Midwest, and my ministry has grown beyond the initial website. Risen Ministries includes my previous blog, as well as a new podcast and publishing company.

What are you working on now?

 Besides working full-time as the content manager for the Attractions Division of Answers in Genesis, I've been trying to get the Risen Ministries website and the Bible Q&A podcast off the ground. I'm also getting close to finishing a major book project

What is Risen Books?

Risen Books was originally founded in 2009, but its founder moved to South America for ministry. Risen Books  published the Truth Chronicles series, so Tim bought the rights to the name and titles and plans to continue the original mission of Risen Books. 

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